"Dr. Walley is always bright and smiling. Such a great experience coming here!"

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"I love coming to Dr. Walley’s practice! It’s so great seeing everyone and I get treated like family here."

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"Dr. Walley’s office is a one-stop shop for dentistry. I was able to get a crown done in under an hour."

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"The snore guard literally saved my marriage. Thanks Dr. Walley for your help!"

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Welcome to Walley World Dental in San Francisco!

Our San Francisco dentist—Dr. Robert M. Walley—has been helping patients achieve and maintain their best smiles for over 40 years. Our dental practice offers comprehensive care—ranging from cosmetic, to restorative, to emergency treatment.

San Francisco Dentist Robert M. Walley, DDS

Exceptional dental care begins with a strong preventive dental hygiene routine. You’ll get personalized dental care tips and recommendations from our caring and thorough staff. We are here to help you optimize your at-home brushing and flossing, so that you can maintain your smile between professional dental appointments.

When you do come in for professional dental appointments with our San Francisco dentist, Dr. Walley and his team will assess your smile and repair existing damage. We provide dental fillings, CEREC crowns, and root canal treatment. For patients who are missing teeth, dental bridges, fixed dentures, and individual dental implants can completely restore your smile—both its appearance and functionality.

Speaking of dental aesthetics, using cosmetic dentistry treatments our San Francisco dentist can improve the appearance of your smile. Here are some of the popular cosmetic treatments we employ: Invisalign, dental veneers, dental implants, professional teeth whitening, enamel contouring. We also combine state-of-the-art restorative and aesthetic treatments in order to achieve complete smile transformations. Every smile makeover is customized to fit the patient, so schedule a consultation with our team to learn more.

We also help patients who suffer from sleep apnea by outfitting these patients with comfortable and easy-to-use oral appliances. Additionally, sleep apnea symptoms, and dental problems of many types, can often be addressed by improving the patient’s dental alignment. Dr. Walley utilizes Invisalign treatment to optimize the structure of the patient’s smile for long-term health and aesthetic benefits. Dr. Walley has been named an Elite and Premier Invisalign dentist in San Francisco.

No matter what your specific dental needs, you’ll benefit from our office’s commitment to using the latest dental techniques and technologies. We use a digital oral scanning system for precise and efficient results. CEREC crown technology allows us to craft and place customized dental crowns in just one appointment. We also have the technology to complete dental implant treatment from start to finish: including bone grafting.

Our dental team is here for you. So please feel free to give us a call for more information, and to schedule your personal consultation. Come in and discover why so many people choose San Francisco dentist Dr. Walley for all of their dentistry needs!

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr, Walley has been my dentist ever since I set up my practice in the same office building in the early '70s. Over the years he has always demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism, patient concern, and the latest dental techniques. He has taken care of any special problems that arose as well as done annual reviews, quarterly cleanings and telephone follow-ups. His staff are always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Walley to all my friends and colleagues. Craig Smith MD

— Craig Smith

Dr. Walley is an excellent dentist. I would want all medical professionals who care for me to be as proactive as Dr. Walley is about caring for my dental health. I am fortunate to have him as my dentist.

— Anonymous

Expert Treatment went smoothly. Thank you Dr. Walley & Staff.

— Anonymous

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